We are tracking the total top-to-bottom runs of all our Gravity Pass holders to definitively identify the hero rider who is bagging the most vertical feet at Angel Fire Bike Park this season.

2013 Winner

And the winner is obvious if you look at the Leaderboard: Tom!

With over 800,000 vertical feet, Tom has made a name for himself as the king of DH riding at Angel Fire. Not only did he get the most vertical of anyone this year he is also a great guy to show you around the mountain, if you can keep up!

Tom received a full set of Kali Protective elbow and kneepads as well as service on his bike including a well-deserved fork overhaul. Thanks for the great season and all the help getting that blue groove in the trails!

Tom taking a rare break.

Tom enjoying a little Lower Boogie.

2013 Leaderboard

NameGravity Pass #Vertical Feet
TOM S.1337004000 820,000
CRAIG S.1810001000 632,000
JONATHAN S.1448004000 564,000
DAN H.2481001000 430,000
KEITH C.1304004000 382,000
AARON L.2487001000 328,000
DANIEL W.1321004000 278,000
OWEN C.1305004000 272,000
RACHEL W.1343004000 272,000
BECKY H.2482001000 268,000
APRIL N.1300004000 248,000
ANTONIO G.1345004000 234,000
ERIC S.2494001000 232,000
RON N.1301004000 228,000
IAN S.1351004000 228,000
SHELBY D.1392004000 220,000
AMY W.1306004000 220,000
DREY S.2493001000 218,000
JON K.1329004000 214,000
NEAL P.1385004000 214,000
BAILEY C.1379004000 210,000
KENDALL W.1324004000 204,000
JACOB R.1367004000 200,000
ADRIAN V.1328004000 196,000
AMOS H.1358004000 194,000
LUKE H.1326004000 190,000
DANIEL W.1373004000 188,000
DEREK F.1348004000 184,000
TERAH B.1390004000 180,000
JOEL S.1377004000 172,000
DONAGH R.1438004000 168,000
JAMES H.1342004000 164,000
MICHELLE P.1387004000 162,000
CHRISTOPHER H.2478001000 154,000
AMBER P.1353004000 148,000
NIKKI S.1376004000 144,000
WILLIAM L.1396004000 142,000
PARKER S.1327004000 136,000
RENE C.2489001000 132,000
JASON S.2491001000 132,000
WILL P.1397004000 128,000
DILLON L.1408004000 128,000
MATTHEW R.1344004000 124,000
JOEL L.1338004000 122,000
STEVEN K.1355004000 122,000
NICHOLAS S.1374004000 120,000
EDDIE R.1382004000 120,000
PAUL C.1444004000 118,000
ALEX S.1381004000 118,000
ADAM S.1322004000 118,000
Updated at: 10/28/2013 21:00


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