Safety and Responsibility

We all love gravity. Keep safety first. That’s how we roll.

Injuries are common while mountain biking

Going fast is fun! Injuries are common while mountain biking and a part of the sport. Carry a mobile phone while on the mountain and have a local emergency contact available. If you get lost or have an emergency, please call 575-377-4383 and stay on the line until all information has been gathered.

High Altitude Environment

At 10,000' elevation, exposure to the sun is much greater. Wear sunscreen and eye protection while on the mountain. Those who live at a lower elevation may experience altitude sickness when visiting the mountain. Symptoms may include nausea, headaches, loss of appetite, or difficulty breathing. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

Lightning and Thunderstorms

Lightning and thunderstorms are common in the mountains. Storms generally occur in the afternoon, causing the Chile Express to be on hold for a brief amount of time. This is for your safety! Take a break and you will be back on the mountain shortly -- and the trails will be sweet.

Fire Danger

Smoking is prohibited on all lifts and is discouraged on-mountain due to potential fire danger. It is your actions that may reduce the risk from wildfire to homes and communities.

Rider Safety and Responsibility

Angel Fire Bike Park has endorsed the Mountain Bikers Responsibility Code and Checklist. This is similar to “Your Responsibility Code” from the National Ski Area Association.

Happy Trails!